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When I think of Nick Markakis, I get sad

It’s not what you think.  Nick Markakis himself, the person, the baseball player, never makes me sad.  In fact, it’s quite the opposite.  I remember following his every spring training at bat in 2006. After hearing about Nick reaching base in 9 of his first 10 plate appearances and hitting the cover off the ball in then Ft. Lauderdale, I knew he was going to be my favorite player.  Despite some early struggles in his first year in the big leagues, my appreciation for Nick has never waned.  Whether he’s gunning down runners at home plate, working the count for a walk, breaking up a double play with a hard slide, or mashing line drives into the gap, there seems to be almost nothing Nick can’t do.

But when I think of Nick Markakis lately, I’m sad.  I’m sad because as good as he is and as much as I love watching him play, he’s never had the chance to be on a winning team.  If there is a “culture” of losing, you would have to think Nick could defend a dissertation on the topic at this point. But, whatever your misgivings about the future hope of the Baltimore Orioles, you would be hard pressed to argue that he is responsible for their demise.


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