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Breaking the Law

In a recent interview’s Steve Melewski, Keith Law offered his take on the Orioles offseason.  Suffice to say he wasn’t a big fan. Now, before I offer my response to some of his points with which I take issue, let me make it clear that I don’t think Keith Law is a moron.  And he’s not part of some ESPN conspiracy against the Orioles.  He’s just wrong, in large part I think because he’s not paying enough attention to the context of the moves and in general seems to dislike them because they contradict his idea of successful organizational behavior. (more…)

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I propose we call him Andy MacWin

Despite the consecutive streak of losing seasons reaching 13 during his tenure, I think Andy MacPhail is doing an excellent job as the Orioles president of baseball operations. While I would acknowledge that the beginning of last season was one of the most painful in team history, and that his efforts have yet to translate into more wins, I see those facts as evidence of just how profoundly dysfunctional the system that he inherited was, rather than an indictment of his ability to evaluate or acquire talent.

I’ll try to explain.


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