Bold Predictions

By on March 29

Will the Orioles soar or stumble?  Can they finally snap the awful streak of consecutive losing seasons? Who will be a nugget?

Casey, Mark, and I put our heads together to make some bold predictions for the 2011 season.  It’s important to note that all of these are actually going to happen, so, you’re welcome.


Bold Prediction:
Brian Matusz will win over 15 games and have an ERA under 3.50.

Bolder Prediction:
JJ Hardy will bat over .300 and be voted Most Valuable Oriole.

Orioles Season Prediction:
The Orioles will finish the season with a record of 87–75, and finish 3rd in the AL east.

Sad Prediction:
The number of runners Matt Wieters catches stealing will exceed the number of home runs he hits.


Bold Prediction:
Adam Jones hits 30–30+ HR and leads the team in that category. Yes, beating out Reynolds.

Bolder Prediction:
Zach Britton wins ROY and establishes himself as the staff ace.

Orioles Season Prediction:
84–78, if for no other reason then they do not get routinely punked by the Blue Jays and the Rays and Yankees figure not to be quite as strong as they have been.  And Buck’s relaxation of the facial hair policy.  However, I also want to add that should by some miracle the O’s make the playoffs, I solemnly swear that I will get the O’s cartoon bird of their heyday tattooed on my body.  Feel free to hold me to that.

Ridiculous Prediction:
Koji continues to have the best sideburns in the game.  And solidifies his status as the closer.

Sad Prediction:
Kevin Gregg will suck.  Think Danys Baez.


Bold Prediction:
The Orioles finish top 5 in runs scored.  This will be buoyed by our vastly improved OBP and Power. With the new additions of Lee, Reynolds, Guerrero, and Hardy, not only will we have more patient hitters, but more potential to do serious damage.

Bolder Prediction:
Jake Arrieta out pitches Jeremy Guthrie in ERA, K, and WHIP for the 2011 season.  I think Arrieta takes a big step forward and begins finishing hitters off without overthrowing his off-speed pitches.  Honestly, this prediction probably IS in store for the future, but I’ll admit that it’s probably to early to say it will happen in 2011.

Bullpen Prediction:
The bullpen does not collapse!  Think of how crazy that would be?!

Orioles Season Prediction:
Orioles finish 85–77 and beat out Toronto for 4th place.  There is much rejoicing on the ramp-up year to signing Albert Pujols to a contract of $25 / 10 years and an lifetime supply of Wendy’s Frosty coupons.

Sad and Outrageous Prediction:
Brad Bergesen will absorb a comebacker to the gonads and be done for the season.  Fortunately, Zach Britton will be called up and win ROY.

4 Responses to “Bold Predictions”

  1. Paul O. says:

    I don’t think Matusz winning over 15 is that bold. I think that is realistic, and expected if we are to win 85 games. I could easily see Matusz leading this team in strikeouts.

    Jones hitting 30+ homers isn’t completely out of reach given his bat speed, but leading the team in Hr may be pushing it. I still see a healthy Reynolds winning that category.

    I fully agree that Kevin Gregg will suck! I don’t want him to though. Trade for Hernandez back around all start break. Get rid of Gregg.

    How about this for bold predictions: Our lineup has 7 guys hit 20+ homeruns. Three of which bat over .300…Markakis, Guerrero, and Hardy.

    I see Wieters staying neck and neck with Posey offensively this year.

    4 hours, 48 minutes and counting!

  2. Paul O. says:

    Oh I almost forgot Wins prediction.
    Guys at work: 82, 79, 75, 81 and my prediction is 88!

  3. Mark
    Mark says:

    1 week later…

    My Jones prediction is looking pretty bad.

    My faith in Koji’s facial hair is looking pretty good.

    The chances of me getting an Orioles tattoo are looking pretty high.

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