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Wieters On Fire

The beginning of things to come, or just a hot streak?

Wieters has been mashing the last two series. He’s displaying power, patience and a flair for coming up with the big hit.  Over his last seven games he’s hit .368 with 7H, 2HR, 2B, and 7RBIs.   If you saw Wednesday night’s game of the Twins series, you probably saw him destroy a pitch to right-CF (411 ft). I remind you, this is April weather where batted balls tend to die on the warning track. Needless to say, watching all of this transpire has been thrilling.

But is it real? Is it sustainable? The only reason we’re all asking this question, after a singly brief hot streak, is because of his pedigree and the reputation that preceeds him. Don’t lie, I know you were thinking the same thing. Certainly other lesser hitters have done more in a short time span (see Wigginton, Ty).  So what are we to make of all of this?

I think we Oriole fans need to be cautious with our beliefs and emotions. Let’s reserve judgement until later in the year…when Wieters wins MVP. Indeed, so far Wieters has more of a track record for a .275/.325/.400 line (see what I did there?).  Not exactly lighting the world on fire.  But let’s look closer at his current numbers. His 2011 slash line sits at .269/.345/.519. Granted, this is a small sample  (we’re not even through April!), but it will be fun to look back later to see if this was the beginning of a trend.


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