If Kevin Gregg never pitches for the O’s again…

By on April 14

…it’ll be too soon.

When this signing was made, I was against it.  I knew going into the offseason that Gregg was bound to get a stupid contract from some team for collecting 37 ‘saves’, possibly the most worthless statistic in baseball.  I just hoped it wouldn’t be the Orioles.  But the attraction of adding another former Cub to his collection and his proclivity for acquiring overrated, expensive relievers (see Michael Gonzalez) was too much for MacPhail to resist.

As we all know, not all saves are created equal, as they range from having to hold leads of 1-3 runs. But after looking at Gregg’s 2011 stats more closely, I’m betting most of his saves were of the 2-3 run variety, because his numbers were pretty pedestrian.  The ERA itself was pretty high for a reliever at 3.72, but the 7.9 H/9, and 1.390 WHIP are much more telling and show that he simply gives the opposition too many chances in the back end of games.

To add insult to injury, there were also whispers that Gregg had to be promised the closer’s job in order to sign him.  MacPhail and Showalter both denied it, but the fact that Gregg has gotten both save chances so far, the first of which was only saved by Nick Markakis’s godlike ability, seems to indicate otherwise.  If such a promise was made, it’s an unforgivable act of stupidity. But even assuming it wasn’t, I think continuing to use Gregg in save situations or even close games is almost as bad.  The stuff is just too ‘hittable’, as evidenced by the above peripheral stats, and with Koji throwing the way he is, he  needs to get the ball in tight games most of the time. And if not Koji, then Jim Johnson.

We all enjoy the promo where Buck reminds us that he ‘doesn’t care too much for the save rule’ and prefers ‘the win rule a little more’. It’s time for Buck to back up that talk with his actions, because right now I can think of another meaning for his initials that seems more appropriate.

Hey, at least one of my predictions is coming true.

6 Responses to “If Kevin Gregg never pitches for the O’s again…”

  1. Bill says:

    Is it just a one year deal? If so, then that would at least seem to create a small barrier to replacing him if (see: when) he continues to be ineffective… Otherwise :’(
    P.S. At least you don’t have the possibility (probability?) of having your closer’s 17 million dollar option vest this year. #fail

  2. Mark
    Mark says:

    Nope, it’s a 2 year/$10 million deal. I can’t believe MacPhail hasn’t learned his lesson yet about spending money on relief pitching, but apparently he hasn’t.

    And Bill, I take no pleasure in the failures of the Mets. Mets fans hate the Yankees, which is good enough in my book.

  3. Bill says:

    2 year deal for Gregg? Wow. I guess at least he doesn’t beat up his father in law in front of the wives of his teammates. But other than that, pretty much a spectacular fail. I don’t mind investing in relief pitching, but as you said, just spending based on saves is retarded. And really thats the only stat that Gregg is/was ever proficient in (I guess his k/9 isnt bad, but his k/bb has never been over 2.3, which just isn’t gonna cut it, especially in high leverage situations). Oh well. At least your season isn’t already over. :(

  4. Casey says:

    Two stupendously bad bullpen signings in a row. it’s like the curse of Raffy or something. Remeber when we spent like $40M to bring in Baez, Walker and Bradford to transform our games into 6 inning affairs? It still continues…

    I know Gregg lost the game, but I’m trying to decide who was worse last night: Gonzalez or Gregg. I thought Gonzo was going to serve up a granny the way he was packing the bases.

    At least Arrieta has a modest rebound…

  5. Paul O. says:

    I see no light at the end of this tunnel. Nobody in AAA that is being groomed to close. Nobody on our staff other than Koji that I really trust. We have trade bait. Use it now. Play to win. Don’t feel obligated (ala Trembley) to put them in because we pay them. Trade Fox for a reliever that elicits ground ball outs. Heck trade any of our back-up players for some help. Gonzalez likes to make things interesting. Walking people is never okay, but it is more acceptable in innings 1-3. NOT 8TH or 9TH inning in close games. If you like to walk people then play for Bowie. We have not had a “lights out” guy since BJ Ryan was on his A game, and that was short lived. What are our options? Anyone? Please help.

    Looking back I agreed that Gregg was not good, but I liked that his addition provided more competition.

  6. Casey says:

    I think we still have some good arms in the pen. But I only trust Berken, Johnson, Koji, and maybe Jakubauskas. If we can get something serviceable out of 2 of the other guys we should be okay. But Showalter has to be careful not to overwork the effective ones.

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