The most interesting pitcher in the world

By on May 11

So many, including myself, were getting pretty down on Chris Tillman, questioning how much longer we could afford to keep him in the rotation.  An ERA over 7 will do that.  But then, in typical Chris Tillman fashion, he goes out tonight and throws 6 innings and gives up 1 ER. I know, I know, some of are you are thinking, it was just the Mariners.  It’s true, the Mariners are a pretty brutal offensive team.  But I think there’s more to the story than that.

To start, this isn’t Tillman’s only standout performance this year.  He also had a brilliant 6 inning, no hit performance in his first start of the year.  That also wasn’t Tillman’s first venture into no-hitter territory, as he is only member of the O’s young pitching corps to have thrown a no-hitter in his professional career, his coming at AAA Norfolk.  I only mention these two performances together, despite their great difference in competition level, to demonstrate one thing: the potential is still there.  For all the outings where Tillman goes out and gets his brain beat in like his last outing vs KC, he can also look absolutely filthy at times.  Particularly when he’s getting ahead in the count and dropping that nasty Uncle Charlie on batters.  Then it’s game over.

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A short imagined monologue: the “O’s” hat

By on May 4

Ellohay losers. Just wanted to remind you that I’m back for another year of awesome. From Adam Eaton to Sal Fasano, I’ve been worn by some of the all-time worsts, and I’m proud to say, I’ll be ruining your life for at least one more season.

I mean, what do you think, do you think someone actually designed me to look like this? Well here’s a newsflash for you, AC360: I was made in MarioPaint in 7 seconds and I’m more powerful than you will ever know.

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Jeremy Guthrie is still winning in my book

By on May 3

The O’s pitching of late has been greatly improved, posting a 3.12 ERA in the last 12 games. Naturally, Jeremy Guthrie has been a big part of that, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at his record. Unfortunately, that’s a trend Guthrie has become all too familiar with in his time as an Oriole and which, in addition to being disappointing, prevents him from getting recognition as the caliber of pitcher that he truly is.

In Guthrie’s last 3 starts, he has gone at least 6 innings and allowed 2 ER, 0 ER and 4 ER in those games respectively.  And he has a grand total of 0 wins to show for it.  At this point, it must seem like he’ll have to go the distance to get a win.  That feeling can only be compounded by the fact the O’s have never gotten him more than 11 wins for the season, even in a year where he posted at 3.83 ERA.  Aside from being yet another example of why wins are a worthless statistic for pitchers (I’m looking at you, everyone who said CC deserved the Cy Young over King Felix last year), you would think this constant disappointment would start to wear on him.

Indeed, Jim Palmer often mentions during O’s broadcasts how consistently getting little run support makes a pitcher feel like he has to be too ‘perfect’ on the mound, which of course leads to him trying too hard, overthrowing the ball and/or losing command, and ultimately performing worse.  But if that were going to be the case for Jeremy Guthrie, it sure would’ve happened by now.  And in fact, what has happened seems to be the exact opposite.

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Rapid Hope Loss

By on April 25

Yesterday was Easter.  Unfortunately, someone forgot to tell the Orioles.  They thought it was April Fools day again.

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