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The Next Skipper

Fair or not, Dave Trembley was held responsible for the woeful performance of the O’s this year and let go just a few short weeks ago. Only to be replaced by Juan ‘The Windmill’ Samuel. Luckily for O’s fans, the Samuel era is likely to be short-lived, as it appears Andy MacPhail is not going to repeat the mistakes of the Perlozzo/Trembley eras and let another first-time big league manager try to sort out this mess. MacPhail has recognized that it’s going to take an experienced, strong leader to turn the fortunes of this team around. Thus, this time around, it seems he plans to take his time to find such a leader, in hopes that the next manager will be the one who will finally get all the raw, young talent to coalesce together into something that resembles a baseball team, instead of just being the next one. To that end, the short list of candidates MacPhail appears to have compiled are all former big league managers with at least some degree of prior success. Let’s take a second to learn a bit more about them and I’ll offer my take on each.

Eric Wedge
Manager: Cleveland Indians from 2003-2009
Lifetime Winning Pct: .495

Rundown: Despite a fairly uninspiring lifetime winning percentage as a manager, Wedge did fairly well in his time with the Indians, taking a club that was fourth in its division in 2003 to first in the division in 2007, including a trip to the ALCS where they ultimately lost to Boston in 7 games after leading the series 3-1. Ultimately he was let go after the 2009 season when the Indians went 65-97.

Verdict: Wedge is a decent, if unspectacular choice. If this were the prom, you wouldn’t be falling all over yourself to ask him out, but he’d be there in case anything goes wrong.


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